Daddy Tells a Joke

Who would have thought that a father's joke has long-term effects on his child.
  • 1I walked into the kitchen yesterday and I said to my dad,...
  • 2..."Hey, I'm hungry!" and my dad said, "Hi hungry, I'm Dad."
  • 3Dad asked me, "Have you heard about the new movie 'Constipation'?"
  • 4I was like, "What?"
  • 5No.
  • 6And he said, "It never came out."
  • 7Who even calls a movie Constipation?
  • 8My dad and I were going past the aquarium and he said to me,...
  • 9..."How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?"...
  • 10...and he said, "Tentacles."
  • 11Like what?
  • 12Ah, tentacles.
  • 13Hey Dad, can you make me a sandwich?
  • 14And what did Dad say?
  • 15Abracadabra, you are the sandwich.
  • 16I guess I am a sandwich.