Your Vote Matters

Voting is the best way for citizens to affect politics. We have to elect those who will work for us.
  • 1Politics affects everyone and the best way for citizens to affect politics is by voting.
  • 2Although it is easier to criticize our politicians than to praise them,...
  •'s important to remember we elected them.
  • 4Ideally, we elect people who will faithfully represent us at both the local and national level...
  • 5...and we have only ourselves to blame if they don't.
  • 6Some of the issues that affect citizens and their decision to vote...
  • 7...for certain candidates are based on local issues.
  • 8People may want more parks nearby.
  • 9People living in cities may want more or less development in their neighborhood.
  • 10Others want improvement in air quality or less industry in their area.
  • 11Finally, some citizens may want improved city services and a more responsive government.
  • 12At the national level, citizens may want a stronger national defense...
  • 13...or more international prestige and power for Korea.
  • 14Citizens and other groups may want to see improvement in the education system.
  • 15Laborers and unions may want the minimum wage to rise or see other types of labor reform.
  • 16Businesses and the wealthy may want their taxes reduced.
  • 17In short, every citizen or citizen group wants something.
  • 18To get what we want, it's up to us to elect those who will work for us...
  • 19...and to vote out of office those who don't.
  • 20It is often said that citizens get the government they deserve.
  • 21Don't we deserve better?