Kinds of TV Shows

Learn about the different words that describe TV shows.
  • 1Let's learn what different TV shows are called.
  • 2The soap opera, "Days of Our Lives," started in 1965.
  • 3Watching cooking shows makes me hungry.
  • 4I often get my news from CNN.
  • 5"Tom and Jerry" was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid.
  • 6I watch football games on a sports channel.
  • 7"Grizzly Man" is a documentary about bears.
  • 8"The Bachelor" is a popular reality TV show.
  • 9Millions of young people watched the sitcom, "Friends."
  • 10I watch Jimmy Fallon's talk show because he's funny.
  • 11You must be smart to win in game shows like "Jeopardy."
  • 12Romantic comedies warm my heart.