About Easter

Easter is a Christian festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians believe Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday. His body was buried in a cave. The tomb was guarded but, three days later, it was empty. Christians think Jesus was resurrected (came back to life).

Nowadays, it is not only Christians who celebrate Easter. For example, you can find the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Bunnies and eggs are linked to Easter because they are symbols of life and growth and represent the coming of spring.

During Easter, children eat millions of chocolate eggs and bunnies decorated with brightly-coloured wrapping paper. In many kindergartens and schools, kids paint colourful eggs to celebrate Easter. They also play some traditional games:

The Easter Egg Hunt

Adults usually hide many eggs around the house or garden before the children get up. Then, they are invited to try and find all the eggs.

Those who find all the eggs are usually rewarded with a chocolate egg!

Easter Egg Roll

In this race, the contestants roll their egg (they are usually hard-boiled, decorated eggs) down a hill or . The person who can roll the egg for the furthest distance without breaking it wins!

Did you know?

An 'egg roll' is also a kind of food!

In American English, 'egg roll' refers to a fried pancake filled with small pieces of vegetables and sometimes meat. It's a kind of yummy Chinese dim sum, and is what we call a ‘spring roll’ in British English.

Whether you celebrate Easter as a Christian or not, it is a joyous festival. Have fun and enjoy the holidays!

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