Order of Adjectives

Learn how adjectives should be arranged.
  • 1Do you know the order of adjectives in English?
  • 2A friendly, large, old, yellow, Amazonian snake.
  • 3An expensive, white, cotton wedding dress.
  • 4Two, short, young, well-dressed superheroes.
  • 5A slow-moving, large, new, purple, polluting dump truck.
  • 6A playful, smart, big, heavy, young, brown English horse.
  • 7An empty, hot, flat Pacific beach.
  • 8Many happy, rich, young partygoers.
  • 9A busy, fast-moving, large, new, curved, highway system.
  • 10A well-lit, large, old, haunted house.
  • 11A hot, big, high, bright-burning campfire.