How to Win an Oscar

Jimmy Kimmel, 2017's host for the Oscars, explains how a person can win an Academy award.
  • 1Hi, I'm Jimmy Kimmel and I'm the host of the Oscars this year.
  • 2You know, I get so many letters from people asking me,...
  • 3..."How do I win one of these?"
  • 4And well, first thing you have to do is get a job as a waiter.
  • 5Mozzarella sticks and your side of donut holes.
  • 6Don't mind if I dip.
  • 7Thank you.
  • 8Next, you have to go to a lot of auditions.
  • 9I don't care how allergic you are, Senator.
  • 10There's no law that says that a dog can't be president!
  • 11That's actually true.
  • 12And finally, when you do get the role, you have to act your little heart out.
  • 13Don't you die on me, soldier!
  • 14That's an order!
  • 15And if all goes well, the Oscar goes to you.
  • 16I would like to thank my shaman, Maurita.
  • 17Don't forget to thank your mother.
  • 18Oh yeah.
  • 19Thanks mom and...
  • 20Also, keep it short, I have things to do.
  • 21And thank you to the Academy.
  • 22Wow, it's just that simple.
  • 23The Oscars.
  • 24Where are you going?
  • 25The Oscars.
  • 26That's not yours.
  • 27Live February 26th on ABC