True Love in Romantic Movies

The films "Love Story" and "Titanic" exemplify the classic formula of romance stories.
  • 1Would you please hold me?
  • 2In "Love Story," the 1970 tearjerker,...
  • 3...the couple is shattered, as Jennifer, Oliver's wife, loses her battle to cancer.
  • 4Oliver along with millions of viewers the world over were left to mourn.
  • 5James Cameron's "Titanic" is more recent but still uses the classic formula:...
  • unites, life separates, but love endures.
  • 7We're gonna make it, Rose. Trust me.
  • 8I trust you.
  • 9The love story of Jack Dawson and his upper crust lover Rose...
  • as short as the ocean liner's ill-fated trip.
  • 11Rose survives, and with her, so does her love for Jack.
  • 12The film garnered 11 Academy Awards and broke the box office record of all time,...
  • least until "Avatar".
  • 14It also made Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet superstars.
  • 15But "Titanic" aside, young people today seem to prefer more realistic on-screen romances,...
  • this young lady.
  • 17I think the younger generation is a little bit more cynical.
  • 18And I think there's a little less loyalty in general.
  • 19Regardless of age, few can resist true love...
  • 20...when they find it, even if it's just for a couple of hours inside a dark theater.