The Warrior's Gate

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Genre Adventure, Fantasy
Director Matthias Hoene
Cast Mark Chao, Uriah Shelton, Dave Bautista, Ni Ni, Francis Ng
  • Release Date 19/01/2017
  • Category IIA
  • Duration 108 mins
  • Country France, China

The Black Knight

Jack Bronson lives in a part-time virtual world. Bullied at school and living with his single mum who is struggling to meet her mortgage payment. So every chance he gets, Jack escapes into the world of computer games – via his fearless avatar, the Black Knight.

The ‘Warrior’s Gate’

One day, Mr Chang, the antiques dealer, offers him a family heirloom – a mysterious Chinese chest. Little does Jack know that the beautiful box that so intrigues him is actually a 'warrior’s gate', a magical portal into the mesmerising world of ancient China.

Saving the Princess

Then came a night when warrior Zhao suddenly appears in Jack’s room and entrusts him with the great task of guarding Princess Sulin. When Sulin is kidnapped, Jack leaps into the enchanted chest and travels back to ancient China.

With the help of Zhao and a trickster wizard named Wu, they set off on a coming-of-age journey across a vast, spectacular landscape littered width villains and obstacles, to save Sulin from Arun, the evil barbarian warlord.


  • Jack Bronson

    A coward at first, he must learn to face his fears, conquer an unknown universe, become a skilled warrior and save both the princess and her kingdom.

  • Zhao

    A loyal warrior who is always ready to protect the princess with his life.

  • Sulin

    The brave princess is very curious about modern life. An heir to her father’s kingdom, she wants to be a good ruler for her subjects.

  • Arun

    The evil barbarian warlord kidnaps the princess, forcing her to marry him so that he can take her kingdom.

  • Wu

    Although sometimes a little off, the wizard actually possesses superb wizardry skills. He knows how to produce boxes that can help people travel through time.