All about New Year

More than 4000 years ago, the Babylonians, Egyptians and Romans already had traditions of celebrating the New Year. Also, there is a traditional Chinese saying of ‘works of the year are determined in spring and works of the day are determined in the morning'.

Until now, 1st January is still a very important and special date as it marks the beginning of the New Year and opens a new chapter in our lives!

Celebrating New Year

Celebrations for New Year begin on 31st December and this date is called the New Year's Eve. Fireworks, parades, feasts, parties and fun events are organised to amuse people. People sing and dance until midnight. When it is twelve o'clock, people greet each other through phones, messages or simply yell ‘Happy New Year' to share joy with the others.

To make special wishes to your friends, you can greet others with some funny New Year wishes or in different languages. You can also quote some classic New Year wishes.

In most countries, New Year's Day is a public holiday, so people can have some rest after celebrations on New Year's Eve. However, many people prefer to spend the day with families and friends. They can watch a movie, go shopping, have a nice meal or even do some travelling.

New Year Resolutions

In ancient times, the Babylonians had a tradition of returning borrowed farm equipment on New Year's Day. This is to create a new beginning for the coming year. Over the centuries, this custom is retained in the form of making New Year resolutions. These are promises that will motivate us in the coming year. Here are some popular New Year resolutions around the world.

What are your New Year Resolutions? Here are some recommendations for you:

  • I will eat at least one fruit and one vegetable every day, and I will limit the amount of soda I drink.

  • I will use less water and electricity in order to save the environment.

  • I will be nice to my parents, teachers and elders and show respect to them.

  • I will go to bed on time.

  • I will try to find a sport or interest that I like and do it at least three times a week.

  • I will help out in my community and help people in need.