Giant Lego Chess Set

A team of inventors created an amazing giant chess set using Lego and a special set of motors.
  • 1Hi, I'm Steve Hassenplug and this is Monster Chess.
  • 2It's a very large Lego chess set.
  • 3It took four of us about a year to design and build.
  • 4There's about a hundred thousand LEGO pieces...
  • 5...and it's about $30,000 worth of Lego.
  • 6If you look at it, you can see all the pieces are of different heights.
  • 7So, like the more important pieces are the bigger heights,...
  • 8...which is the way it really is in chess.
  • 9The higher-ranking pieces will actually have actions that they can do...
  • the knight, whenever it's moving, it actually runs its legs...
  • you can see the legs moving.
  • 12The rook actually has a cannon that'll fire when it puts a king in check.
  • 13The queen and king both have a scepter that they rap...
  • 14...and then the bishop has a candle.
  • 15And the pawns are just pawns, they don't really do anything.