The Grammar Team

A group of superheroes rescues a man from his mistakes.
  • 1Ironically working in my laboratory, the nuclear weapon is finally complete.
  • 2After it had been working good in my laboratory for hours.
  • 3I am literally tickled thinking about it.
  • 4Who's there?
  • 5Captain Literally.
  • 6Captain Irony.
  • 7Nuclear Ninja.
  • 8The Good and the Well Duo.
  • 9And Dangling Participle Dude.
  • 10Everything was wrong with that sentence.
  • 11So wait, who are you?
  • 12Dangling Participle Dude.
  • 13Everyone's heard of him, but no one actually knows what he does.
  • 14Whatever. You broke all the rules, so now you're gonna pay.
  • 15There was nothing ironic about the sentence you just used.
  • 16You just tacked the word ironically in front of it.
  • 17Irony taught!
  • 18You said good when you should have said well.
  • 19Good and well are different!
  • 20There, literally tickled.
  • 21Balance restored!
  • 22Bro, your participles were dangling all over the place.
  • 23Dangle shmangle.