10 ways to look

Do you know that there are many ways of looking at stuff? Are you always saying you are 'looking at' something?

Let's learn about more ways to say 'look'. Here are some examples:

  1. Gawk

    Look at something or someone stupidly or rudely.

  2. Gaze

    Look at something or someone for a long time, especially in admiration, surprise or thought.
  3. Glance

    Take a brief look at something.

  4. Glare 

    Look in an angry or fierce way.

  5. Glimpse

    See something for a very brief time.

  6. Observe

    Look at someone or something carefully and attentively in the way something happens or someone does something.

  7. Peep

    Look at something secretly for a short time, usually through a hole.

  8. Peer

    Look searchingly or with difficulty.

  9. Scan

    Look at something carefully in order to get information.

  10. Stare

    Look fixedly or steadily at something or someone with eyes wide open.