Idioms related to colours

Remember, an idiom is a group of words in a fixed order that have a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word on its own.

Do you want to 'add colour' to your writing? You can do so by using these wonderful idioms related to colours! Let's look at some:

  1. Something comes 'out of the blue' if it comes ramdomly and is totally unexpected.

  2. If you 'feel blue', you are feeling sad.

  3. Someone is 'green with envy' when they are very jealous.

  4. You 'have a green thumb' if you are good at gardening.

  5. If someone is 'caught red-handed', they are being discovered in the act of doing something wrong or illegal.

  6. Someone is a 'black sheep' if that person is the disreputable member of a group.

  7. Something is 'in black and white' if it is stated in writing or printed.

  8. You say you are telling a 'white lie' if you are telling a minor or unimportant lie meaning to be polite or avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

  9. You describe someone as 'whiter than white' if that person is honest and never does anything bad.

  10. If something is a 'grey area', it is not clearly defined and is in an indeterminate territory.