10 ways to laugh

Are you always saying someone is 'laughing'? Are there any other ways to describe laughter?

Here are 10 ways to laugh. Let's take a look:

    1. Chortle

      Laugh to express pleasure and satisfaction, often at someone else's bad luck.

    2. Chuckle

      Laugh mildly or quietly.

    3. Giggle

      Laugh with short, repetitive sounds, often at something silly or rude or when you are nervous.

    4. Grin

      A wide smile.

    5. Guffaw

      Laugh roughly or loudly, especially at something stupid that someone has said or done.

    6. Jeer

      Laugh disrespectfully or mockingly to show you have no respect.

    7. Scoff

      Laugh dismissively at something or someone in a way that shows that you think they are stupid or silly.

    8. Smile

      A happy or friendly expression on the face.

    9. Smirk

      Smile in an affected, smug or offensive way.

    10. Snicker

      Laugh at someone in a silly, unkind or disrespectful manner.

Can you think of other words describing laughter?