Chat lingo

'LOL' (Laugh out loud), 'BRB' (be right back) and 'Thx' (thanks) are commonly used wherever people text or get online. Are you part of the crowd using lingo and short forms while texting and chatting online? 

Let's see 10 more terms which you could use:

  1. BTW - By the way
    a phrase used to open a new subject casually 

  2. CYA - See ya
    another form of saying goodbye

  3. FYI - For your information
    a phrase used to introduce or follow a piece of information

  4. IDK - I don't know
    a phrase used to express that you do not understand 

  5. JK - Just kidding
    a phrase used to show that the last thing you said wasn't true

  6. OIC - Oh, I See
    a phrase used to show understanding of a subject

  7. OMG - Oh my God
    an exclamation of shock or surprise

  8. IMO - In my opinion
    a phrase used to introduce your thought

  9. WYWH - wish you were here
    a phrase used to show you miss someone
  10. TGIF - Thank god it's Friday
    a happy expression to tell others that the weekend (holiday) is coming
Are you using the above lingo? What's your favourite? Remember these are only for your daily causal conversation and don't use them in your formal writings!