Writing a proposal about sports

These ideas enable students to write and present proposals to include sports in the Olympic Games.

Warm up

  1. Write these sports on the board.
    baseball, bowling, climbing, cricket, darts, motorbike racing, rollerblading, rugby, bungee jumping, snooker, squash, skateboarding, water skiing

  2. Divide the class into two teams.

  3. Get two students to come to the board with different coloured chalk.

  4. You describe a sport and they run to circle it.

  5. Ask two more students to come to the board.

  6. Keep going until all the sports have been circled.

You throw something at a board. Try to hit larger numbers. (darts)

You need to wear boots with wheels. (rollerblading)

You ball can be quite heavy. You hit things down. (bowling)

Writing a Proposal

Ask the class how many of these sports will be included in the next Olympics.
Students will go into groups of 3-4. Each group picks one of these sports to present.
They must argue that this sport should be included in the next Olympics. Write about 300 words.
They should research the sport online before writing.

You could print this structure and advice for them.

Presenting a Proposal

Ask your students to present their proposals to the class for 2-3 minutes. Every group member should speak.

For fun, include a demonstration of how to play this sport.

The other groups can ask them questions about their sport before voting on their favourite.