Drama activities in class

Here is a plan for having a drama in class. Students will write a scene set at the airport and act it out. Students usually enjoy drama but they need to warm up and not worry about being perfect speakers.

Warm up

In drama, students need to speak up and act in unusual ways.
It also helps if they are in a room with space or if you move the desks to the side.
To get them warmed up, have a shouting match!

  1. Put students into eight groups.
  2. Each group must stand up and shout a country name, such as Germany, 10 times.
  3. Let each group take turns and see which group is the loudest.
  4. If the students are not too excited, let all the groups shout the countries at the same time.
  5. The country you can hear most is the winner.

Activity 1

Give each group one of these roles. They are all at the airport.

They must read the situation and act it out with someone from another group.
Don’t let the other groups know what they are planning.
They can think about what to say but don’t know what exactly will happen.

Group 1
You bought an ice cream at a shop at the airport. When you opened it, you
found a dead cockroach.

Group 2
You are a police officer at the airport. A Spanish tourist comes up to you.
They cannot speak English!

Group 3
You help passengers onto the MTR Airport Express. You don’t like carrying
luggage onto the train.

Group 4
You are a pilot flying a plane. You do not like to be disturbed when working.
However, your boss has told you to be nice to passengers.

Group 5
You work in a shop at the airport. Your boss does not like giving money
back to customers.

Group 6
You are a Spanish tourist, just arrived in Hong Kong. You want to get a taxi
but you cannot speak English.

Group 7
You were on holiday in American and bought a lot of souvenirs. You have a
lot of heavy bags. You want some help getting your luggage onto the train.

Group 8
Your uncle is the boss of an airline. She let you meet the pilot in the cockpit (where pilots drive the plane). You want to take lots of photos and to try to be the pilot for a few seconds.

Now, create space at the front of the class and ask each group to choose one person to act.

These groups go together:

  • Group 1 & Group 5
  • Group 2 & Group 6
  • Group 3 & Group 7
  • Group 4 & Group 8

Choose one pair who you think will act well.

Let them perform!

Lots of positive feedback will help the others perform later.

Activity 2

In this role play activity, students will work in groups of 3.
They may be more comfortable if they can choose who to work with.
Students must act out a scene at the airport, starting with the dialogue below.

Give them the following information.


  • 1 person is an airport ambassador.
  • 2 people are tourists who have just arrived in Hong Kong. They have a problem.
You will need to think what that problem is and act it out. Good dramas have a conflict. If your drama is about tourists who need the toilet, it won’t be very interesting.

Here are possible situations:
  • the tourists have lost their luggage and it has something important in it
  • the tourists are famous Hollywood actors
  • the tourists think the ambassador is their father
  • the tourists are aliens - the ambassador wants to make money from the tourists
  • the tourists are escaping from the police
You can think of your own situation.


Ambassador (A)
First tourist (T1)
Second tourist (T2)

(Two tourists are looking around the airport. An airport ambassador goes up to help them.)

A: Hello! Can I help you?
T1: Excuse me! What do you want?
A: I am here to help you. Are you looking for transport?
T2: I’m sorry that my friend seemed rude. Actually...

Share other drama activities you do in class with us!