Tired vs. Tiring

Here are some adjectives with -ed and -ing endings.
  • 1Will you stop doing that?
  • 2Doing what?
  • 3That. It's very annoying.
  • 4Sorry, I'm late.
  • 5Let's get started.
  • 6Is Jay sleeping?
  • 7Sorry Rachel, he had a very tiring morning.
  • 8I'm not tired. I was just thinking.
  • 9He thinks with his eyes shut.
  • 10Emily, do you know how to drive?
  • 11No, ma'am.
  • 12Isn't it exciting?
  • 13Okay, Jay. Pick a card.
  • 14Remember it.
  • 15Right. Jase, shuffle the cards.
  • 16Okay.
  • 17Jay, your card is the top card.
  • 18No way!
  • 19That's amazing!
  • 20Really?
  • 21Yeah.
  • 22How did you do that?
  • 23I'm amazed