Pepper Scatter Trick

Try this cool experiment and show it to your friends.
  • 1Today, I'm gonna show you a really cool experiment with water and ground black pepper.
  • 2Start by taking a plate.
  • 3I like to use a white one like this...
  • 4...and pour on some water.
  • 5Then take your pepper and sprinkle a bit all over the water like this.
  • 6You can see the pepper sits on the surface of the water,...
  • 7...and if you dip your fingertip in, nothing really happens.
  • 8You might get some pepper stuck to your finger, but that's about it.
  • 9Next, take some washing-up liquid...
  • 10...and wipe a tiny amount on the end of your finger like this,...
  • 11...then try dipping your finger into the water again.
  • 12As you can see, the pepper seems to magically shoot away from your finger.
  • 13So, here's what's happening.
  • 14The pepper sits on the water because of the high water surface tension.
  • 15The water molecules are strongly attracted together.
  • 16When we add a little soap, we break down this surface tension...
  • 17...and the top layer of water molecules very quickly spread out...
  • 18...and carry the pepper with them.
  • 19Pretty cool, huh