The Big Friendly Giant

Disney brings to life this classic tale of adventure from well-loved author Roald Dahl.
  • 1What kind of a monster are you?
  • 2Bone cruncher.
  • 3Child chewer.
  • 4Meat dripper, gizzard gulper.
  • 5Butcher boy.
  • 6Please don't eat me.
  • 7You think because I'm a giant that I'm a man-gobbling cannibal?
  • 8I have a plan.
  • 9Brave Sophie.
  • 10This be the story of a little girl.
  • 11It will be great adventures...
  • 12...and laughter.
  • 13Times will be hard, times will be soft.
  • 14So, hold your breath, cross your fingers, here we go.
  • 15I'm going to call you BFG