A Day at the Beach

A supportive dad helps his daughter overcome her fear of water.
  • 1So one day, we decided to take a little trip to the beach.
  • 2You know, it was just a regular day, it wasn't too sunny.
  • 3Eliana has always been afraid of the water.
  • 4I thought there were sharks in the water.
  • 5Your sister was like, "Just jump in the water and see what happens."
  • 6"You're gonna be fine."
  • 7So, Eliana, she goes in the water and she panics like crazy.
  • 8But eventually she starts getting braver and...
  • 9...at one point, she was even playing in the water.
  • 10She finally started seeing that she was gonna be okay.
  • 11And she hasn't been scared of water since then