How Does the United Nations Work?

Learn about how the United Nations came to be and what they do in this short video.
  • 1So, imagine a world parliament.
  • 2Imagine 193 voices gathering together in New York to deliberate over matters of peace and security.
  • 3The United Nations was established in 1945 with the signatory of 50 countries...
  • 4...for the express purpose of preventing the outbreak of war and averting a world war.
  • 5The United Nations has many parts to it.
  • 6It deals, for instance, with matters of economics and social policy.
  • 7It deals with matters of human rights, it deals with matters of culture.
  • 8But the most important parts of the UN are the Security Council...
  • 9...which has five permanent members who are responsible for controlling its policy.
  • 10These are France, Britain, the United States, China and Russia.
  • 11The other body that is very important is where all the nations meet and come together...
  • 12...and that is the General Assembly.
  • 13Both the General Assembly and the Security Council pass...
  • 14...what are called resolutions to make policy for the world.
  • 15The UN has been responsible for eradicating polio in Africa, for instance,...
  • 16...of dealing with problems of debt or problems of other diseases spreading.
  • 17The UN has been very important in making sure that human rights are observed.
  • 18The most famous document is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights,...
  • 19...which has been ratified and kept by many countries