Kids on Texting or Calling

Children discuss the best way to ask someone on a date.
  • 1When you get a phone number from someone,...
  • you think you should be texting them or should you be calling them?
  • 3Calling them.
  • 4Why?
  • 5Because they gave you your phone number.
  • 6I think call because if you text, you don't know if she says "bye",...
  • 7...if she says it in a nice way or a mean way.
  • 8Best thing to do is text message.
  • 9Make sure to text them first.
  • 10Why?
  • 11If you call them and you don't know what to say really...
  • 12I would say either in person or text...
  • 13...because call is just weird.
  • 14Why?
  • 15I don't know, it just doesn't feel right.
  • 16You call him and it's like,
  • 17"Hey, wanna go on a date?"
  • 18They're gonna be like, "What?