Finding Dory

The adorable but forgetful Dory is back in this new animated film from Disney.

  • 1Today is the day!
  • 2Our field trip to the stingray migration.
  • 3Stingray Migration.
  • 4Migration is about going home...
  • 5Home.
  • 6...which is where you're from.
  • 7How do the stingrays all know where to go?
  • 8Instinct,...
  • 9...something deep inside you that feels so familiar that you have to listen to it.
  • 10My mom, my dad, I have a family.
  • 11We will never forget you, Dory.
  • 12What if I forget you?
  • 13I miss them.
  • 14You know what that feels like?
  • 15Yes.
  • 16Then we better get going!
  • 17Totally sick.
  • 18Isn't it great?
  • 19No!
  • 20I'm gonna be totally sick.
  • 21Can you help me...
  • 22Sorry, not a great swimmer.
  • 23I think you swam beautifully.
  • 24Thank you.
  • 25You're welcome.
  • 26Wait.
  • 27Dory?
  • 28Yes?
  • 29Dory!
  • 30Yes.
  • 31You and I were friends!
  • 32No.
  • 33It was so much fun 'cause I'd tell you a story...
  • 34...and then you'd completely forget about it...
  • 35...and then I get to tell it to you over and over again