Shakespeare Lives On

William Shakespeare may no longer be with us, but he continues to inspire today's greatest artists.
  • 1Here's a thought.
  • 2If there was a prize for most screenwriting credits,...
  • 3...we'd have one of those "unfortunately, he can't be here with us tonight" moments.
  • 4That's because the winner, with over a thousand, is William Shakespeare.
  • 5But how can a man who died long before the invention of cinema...
  • 6...have racked up so many credits?
  • 7Simple. By creating the most moving, exciting and enduring stories ever written.
  • 8Shakespeare showed us what it means to be human.
  • 9We've all been lovesick or heartbroken like Romeo and Juliet,...
  • 10...or felt Macbeth's burn of greed and ambition.
  • 11And who hasn't experienced jealousy like Othello?
  • 12No wonder artists around the globe are still eager to adapt Will's works.
  • 13Yes, he may have died 400 years ago, but Shakespeare lives