A Letter to Depression

A young woman bares her struggles and her triumph against depression.
  • 1Dear depression, we go way back.
  • 2I remember the first time I met you.
  • 3I was seven years old, a pigtailed lover of books,...
  • 4...teased for the sneakers my mother could barely afford.
  • 5When I was sad for the 49th day in a row,...
  • 6...I begged you to go away, but you would not leave.
  • 7You, depression, are my childhood friend.
  • 8The midnight voices in my head, a slick tongue.
  • 9You pretend to have the answers, but loving you got me sick.
  • 10But dare yourself, extraordinary human,...
  • 11...to run into joy screaming, "You cannot have me."
  • 12You cannot have me.
  • 13I am not my past.
  • 14I am worthy of love, I am worthy.
  • 15I am forgiving myself for not being strong enough to believe in myself.
  • 16I can tell you, I do not know who my father is,...
  • 17...but I would rather tell you I am letting go.
  • 18I am letting failure go.
  • 19I am letting loneliness go.
  • 20I will not give up.
  • 21You will not silence me.
  • 22Sincerely, Tanya