Cute and funny animals get a shot at their dreams by joining a singing competition.
  • 1How are we doing with those flyers, Ms. Krall?
  • 2They're all good to go here.
  • 3Bye, Gail.
  • 4Bye, Lory.
  • 5Bye, Mickey.
  • 6Bye, Moe.
  • 7Bye, Nelson.
  • 8Bye, Hannah.
  • 9Bye, Tess.
  • 10Bye-bye, Casper.
  • 11Hey, hey, hey!
  • 12What do you think...
  • 13A singing competition.
  • 14Just think: your neighbor, the grocery store manager,...
  • 15...that chicken right there!
  • 16Everyone in this city gets a shot at being a star, live on my stage.
  • 17Want your bad romance