Email in Real Life

See what happens if everyone in the office spoke the way they did in emails.
  • 1Here's that report you needed.
  • 2I don't see anything.
  • 3Oh, dang it, I forgot to attach it.
  • 4Hey Beth, did you see all the submissions we got today?
  • 5OMG, I know!
  • 6Easy on the all caps.
  • 7Sorry.
  • 8It's okay, semicolon, closed parentheses.
  • 9Hi Tripp, are you satisfied with...
  • 10Inbox full.
  • 11That's what he said.
  • 12Hey, what's this poker game I hear about this weekend?
  • 13Who's that guy?
  • 14You need me to bring anything or...
  • 15I meant to invite a different David.
  • 16Rain check