Being Sad Isn't So Bad

Sadness is not only helpful to you, it's necessary for a healthy life.
  • 1It's often culturally and socially reinforced...
  • 2...that there's something wrong or shameful about feeling sad.
  • 3We tend to have this cultural bias towards valuing positive thinking.
  • 4But studies have shown that those who try and suppress negative thoughts...
  • 5...actually experience more of them,...
  • 6...which can lead to overeating and stronger stress responses.
  • 7Inside Out shows us that our negative emotions can guide our rational thinking.
  • 8Sadness is a trigger for seeking comfort and bonding.
  • 9We're often tough on sadness, but it's important to our understanding of who we are.
  • 10In his 1621 work "Anatomy of Melancholy",...
  • 11...Robert Burton wrote, in experiencing melancholy, "increaseth sorrow, increaseth wisdom."
  • 12Even those emotions that we consider as negative can help guide us to good, rational decisions.
  • 13So, even if you're riding down or inside out the emotional roller coaster,...
  • 14...remember that your positive and negative emotions can and do team up.
  • 15There's always an upside