Why Should I Brush My Teeth?

Guess what? You can help your teeth from going bad and falling out!
  • 1Come on, Katie! Time to brush our teeth before we go to bed.
  • 2Why do I have to brush my teeth?
  • 3You need to brush your teeth to keep them clean and healthy.
  • 4Why?
  • 5When you eat, food can get stuck between your teeth.
  • 6Is that bad?
  • 7Well, it can make your teeth go bad.
  • 8And then they fall out!
  • 9Hmm... like the way your teeth fell out?
  • 10Well, my teeth fell out, well, my baby teeth, everybody loses their baby teeth when they're growing up.
  • 11And then they get more teeth, like you did.
  • 12Yes! You get grown-up teeth.
  • 13But they have to last forever.
  • 14You don't get any more.
  • 15Oh, how can I stop my teeth from going bad?
  • 16Well, when you brush your teeth you can clean away all bits of food that might be stuck between them.
  • 17Like this?
  • 18Yes.
  • 19Make sure you clean all your teeth even the ones at the back...
  • 20...and don't forget your gums.
  • 21What are gums?
  • 22Your gums hold your teeth onto your mouth so it's really important to look after them too.
  • 23I think all my teeth are clean now, look.
  • 24They're very clean.
  • 25Keep brushing your teeth every day...
  • 26...and you'll be able to keep that lovely, shiny white smile