Always Be Kind

Being kind can be as simple as being sensitive to how other people feel.
  • 1What can you do to be kind?
  • 2Quite a few times, I let other people do something that they wanna do...
  • 3...even though I didn't like it that much.
  • 4That's never that often.
  • 5Sometimes at the playground my friends are sad,...
  • 6...and I sit next to them and talk to them.
  • 7And my grandpa's birthday is coming up...
  • I made him a birthday card with sparkly pens my mom has.
  • 9It means not to be so hard on them and not to be so harsh and cruel.
  • 10Don't say mean stuff to them and try not to hurt their feelings.
  • 11God wants us to do that and it's the right thing