Everything Deserves a Why

"Why" is a simple word that unlocks many secrets.
  • 1There is a word, so small and so powerful,...
  • 2...that we use all of our lives to make sense of the world.
  • 3Why is he up there?
  • 4Why is he down there?
  • 5Why is that so big?
  • 6Why is that so small?
  • 7Why are they in such a rush?
  • 8Why aren't they?
  • 9It's such a simple word that unlocks many doors.
  • 10Everything deserves a why.
  • 11The world is a magnificent puzzle.
  • 12It is beautiful and cruel,...
  • 13...frightening and inspiring.
  • 14Why?
  • 15If we don't ask that, we'll never find out