Failed New Year's Resolutions

This is what it would look like if people were honest about their New Year's Resolutions.
  • 1I'm gonna lose 10 pounds and then gain 20.
  • 2I'm gonna start flossing more two days before my dentist appointment.
  • 3I'm gonna cut down on beer except for happy hour.
  • 4I love beer.
  • 5I'm going to start being more eco-friendly...
  • 6...unless I can't figure out if something's recyclable like this.
  • 7This is going in the trash.
  • 8I'm gonna keep my house cleaner but probably only when I'm having people over.
  • 9I'm gonna pick up piano unless it's really hard then I'm over it.
  • 10I'm gonna start reading more literature.
  • 11Well, probably only if it's going to be made into a movie like 50 Shades.
  • 12You know, I'm going to be a vegetarian probably until I smell bacon.
  • 13I'm gonna stop checking Facebook.
  • 14Oh, Mary got engaged.
  • 15Congrats