A Surprise Visitor

A little girl bakes Christmas cookies for a very special visitor.
  • 1I found it!
  • 2I found it!
  • 3Why don't you find a spot on the tree?
  • 4So, you know who's coming tonight?
  • 5Yeah.
  • 6Are you super excited?
  • 7Yeah.
  • 8Can we make him cookies?
  • 9What kind?
  • 10Sugar frosting!
  • 11So, do you think he's gonna bring you something?
  • 12I don't know.
  • 13This one's for daddy.
  • 14Are we gonna leave these by the tree?
  • 15No.
  • 16Well, how's he supposed to get them?
  • 17I'm gonna give them to him.
  • 18You are?
  • 19He's here!
  • 20I made these for you.
  • 21Oh, thank you, sweetie.
  • 22I love you, grandpa