Santa's Magical Sleigh

A scientist explains how Santa delivers gifts to millions of homes.
  • 1So you may be thinking, "How does Santa get around the whole world in one night?"
  • 2Let's say that Santa needs to visit every one of the two billion children in the world.
  • 3The average home has two and a half children,...
  • that means he has to visit around 800 million homes.
  • 5Because it becomes night at different times all around the globe,...
  • 6...he actually has 48 hours to deliver all the presents.
  • 7So that means he needs to get to around five houses every single second.
  • 8The most likely explanation is that he uses an antimatter rocket on the back of his sleigh.
  • 9Antimatter has the opposite charge to normal matter.
  • 10And when they combine together, they create a huge explosion of energy,...
  • 11...blasting the sleigh forward at nearly the speed of light.
  • 12NASA is studying this to use in their rocket engines,...
  • 13...but it looks like Santa has already beaten them to it