Each Other vs. One Another

This video will teach you how to use these phrases correctly.
  • 1A lot of people think that "each other" and "one another" can be used interchangeably.
  • 2But actually, they mean different things and they're used in different ways.
  • 3The easiest way to remember it...
  • 4...is that "each other" is used when we're talking about two people or two things,...
  • 5...and "one another" is used when we're talking about more than two people or a group of things.
  • 6Here's an example of how the two of these phrases would function in a sentence.
  • 7My mom and I talk to each other.
  • 8Well, my mom and I are just two people, so we talk to each other.
  • 9However, my family members write to one another.
  • 10In this case, I'm talking about my entire family,...
  • 11...more than two family members.
  • 12And when we correspond, we correspond with one another.
  • 13So I hope that clears up the difference between "each other" and "one another",...
  • 14...and helps you choose the right one for you