Why Are Fingerprints Unique?

Fingerprints are unique to each person, making it a very important tool in solving crimes.
  • 1Why are our fingerprints unique and what is their purpose?
  • 2Fingerprints don't change as you age.
  • 3They stand the test of time and are actually pretty dang durable.
  • 4One man named Haans Galassi lost a few fingers in a wakeboarding accident.
  • 5One of his fingers was identified in a trout...
  • 6...months later by using fingerprinting technology.
  • 7And you leave your fingerprints...
  • 8....on just about anything that you come in contact with throughout the day:...
  • 9...glasses, tables, door handles.
  • 10The oils and sweat in your hands create the print.
  • 11With the right solution, you can actually identify the fingerprint...
  • 12...and trace it back to whoever left it.
  • 13It sure does come in handy when police are looking for criminals.
  • 14You get it?
  • 15Handy, hands?
  • 16Sorry.
  • 17Well, now you know their purpose but why are they unique to you?
  • 18Fingerprints are created in the womb by a random combination of stem cells...
  • 19...into "ridge" type cells and "valley" type cells.
  • 20The randomness of heat and chemical diffusion...
  • 21...creates the pattern before you're even born.
  • 22And unless you cut off your fingertips completely, they're not going anywhere