The Peanuts Movie: Dream Big

Charlie Brown tries to make the new girl like him with a little help from his loyal dog, Snoopy.
  • 1This time, things will be different.
  • 2The new kid is coming.
  • 3Wow!
  • 4She is pretty.
  • 5She's not that pretty.
  • 6She looked at me!
  • 7I can't believe I'm about to talk to the new girl.
  • 8If there's one person you want by your side at a moment like this,...
  •'s your loyal dog.
  • 10I'm going to change who I am and become a winner.
  • 11Charlie Brown?
  • 12Snoopy, what would I do without a good friend like you?
  • 13The Peanuts Movie.
  • 14A dog just loves you for who you are.
  • 15It's nice to have someone that will listen to you