World's First Armless Pilot

Jessica Cox defies all odds by pursuing her passion despite her physical disability.
  • 1Jessica Cox was born without arms due to a rare, nongenetic birth defect.
  • 2But this hasn't held her back from driving a car, gaining a black belt in Taekwondo,...
  • 3...playing the piano, scuba diving...
  • 4...and becoming the world's first licensed armless pilot.
  • 5Naturally, people saw the fact that I didn't have arms as a limiting factor.
  • 6But I was there to prove them wrong.
  • 7Now, she travels the world as a motivational speaker with her husband Patrick.
  • 8If I had to describe Jessica in three words,...
  • would be kind, positive and unstoppable.
  • 10In 2008, her determination paid off...
  • 11...when she became the first licensed armless pilot in the world.
  • 12Three years, three different airplanes, three different flight instructors,...
  • 13...80 hours of flying in three different states, I was a certified pilot.
  • 14It was a long ordeal