Stop Killing Me

Coral has spoken and he warns us of the danger the world may face if we lose all of him.
  • 1I am coral.
  • 2Some people think I'm just a rock.
  • 3When, in fact, I'm the largest thing alive on this planet.
  • 4I'm so big, I can be seen from space.
  • 5But for how long?
  • 6I grew for almost 250 million years.
  • 7And humans came along and now 1/5 of me is gone.
  • 8Sure, I live at the bottom of the sea.
  • 9And you might not see me that often.
  • 10But you do need me.
  • 11Do you realize that one quarter of all marine life depends on me?
  • 12I am the nursery of the sea.
  • 13Little fish depend on me for food.
  • 14And to hide from the big fish.
  • 15And guess who eats the big fish?
  • 16That's right, you do.
  • 17I'm the protein factory for the world.
  • 18Yet you raise the temperature of the ocean so I can't live here anymore.
  • 19And when big storms and tsunamis barrel through the ocean, I'm your fortress.
  • 20Yet you tear me apart with dynamite and poison me with cyanide.
  • 21Well, here's a crazy thought: Stop killing me