Hamsters Drink at a Tiki Bar

Get a dose of fluffy goodness as hamsters drink their fill at a tiny tiki bar.
  • 1We fell in love with them while they were eating tiny burritos.
  • 2And again, when they had a birthday party for their hedgehog friend.
  • 3Now, they're relaxing with some drinks at their custom-made tiki bar,...
  • 4...where they really like to throw back fruity drinks.
  • 5Wow, looks like they had a rough week.
  • 6Not to worry, the people behind HelloDenizen...
  • 7...say everything they eat is hamster-healthy.
  • 8But all those drinks create a dilemma, because the bar's bathroom is out of order.
  • 9Buzz60: Now you know, pass it on