If You Learn, You Grow

The lives of people change when they increase their knowledge of the things around them.
  • 1If you are, you breathe.
  • 2If you breathe, you talk.
  • 3If you talk, you ask.
  • 4If you ask, you think.
  • 5If you think, you search.
  • 6If you search, you experience.
  • 7If you experience, you learn.
  • 8If you learn, you grow.
  • 9If you grow, you wish.
  • 10If you wish, you find.
  • 11And if you find, you doubt.
  • 12If you doubt, you question.
  • 13If you question, you understand.
  • 14And if you understand, you know.
  • 15If you know, you want to know more.
  • 16And if you want to know more, you are alive!
  • 17National Geographic Channel. Live curious