Tiny Homes for the Homeless

A local artist turns trash into small houses for his homeless neighbors.
  • 1This industrial section of West Oakland is dotted with tiny houses...
  • 2...designed and built by a local artist.
  • 3Greg Kloehn has built and given away at least 20 of these structures.
  • 4Oscar Young got a home and relief from chilly nights on the street.
  • 5It's better than living on the ground, to tell you the truth.
  • 6Because if it wasn't for Greg, I would be still on the ground.
  • 7Kloehn visits a friend called "Sweetpea" who also lives in one of the houses.
  • 8Inside, she is safe and can protect her belongings.
  • 9Kloehn scours the streets for construction materials, often dumped illegally at night.
  • 10He brings them to his studio where he puts the homes together.
  • 11A discarded cabinet door makes a window cover.
  • 12Shipping pallets become the walls of the structure.
  • 13The artist has installed a small electrical unit powered by a solar cell.
  • 14Empty coffee bags become shingles,...
  • 15...and a washing machine door and refrigerator shelf become windows.
  • 16Nails, screws and glue hold it all together.
  • 17Some on the streets once had houses of their own,...
  • 18...but Sheila Williams has learned to live with less.
  • 19The residents have collected discarded wood and other material for Kloehn's newest shelters.
  • 20The artist says this is not a social project,...
  • 21...just someone using his skills to help his homeless neighbors.
  • 22Mike O'Sullivan, VOA News, Oakland, California