When Dinosaurs Ruled

Find out how dinosaurs used to cope with each other as they roamed the Earth.
  • 1The lumbering ankylosaurus has a near impenetrable bony shell.
  • 2Consequently, she's unwieldy but capable of surprising grace.
  • 3This row of bony plates belongs to one of the most recognizable dinosaurs:...
  • 4...stegosaurus.
  • 5While the long-necked apatosaurus can reach high-level foliage,...
  • 6...stegosaurus feeds predominantly on low-lying bushes and shrubs,...
  • 7...so the two can coexist without conflict.
  • 8Triceratops is grazing here too.
  • 9This myopic ceratopsian might be seeing a challenger or a mate.
  • 10We can't tell.
  • 11His reaction is the same regardless.
  • 12He charges.
  • 13Stegosaurus's bulk, bony plates, defensive spikes and truly tiny brain,...
  • 14...ensure that he has very little to worry about