Give Life to Used Paper

Save more paper by using this new breakthrough in printer ink technology.
  • 1Every day, countless documents are printed out.
  • 2Yet, can we do it by reusing paper?
  • 3The inspiration came from fading doodle pen for kids.
  • 4We readjusted the ink formula and used it in printer ink box.
  • 5With one simple setting change on the computer,...
  • 6...the fading ink gives new life to used paper.
  • 7After a few days, the contents on the page disappeared gradually...
  • 8...and the paper could be used again.
  • 9We printed fading letters so that more people would know about it and start using it.
  • 10The movement to save paper has received positive responses.
  • 11By using fading ink to print, 60% of papers can be saved