To My Ten-Year-Old Self

Adults imagined when they were ten years old and wrote a letter to their themselves.
  • 1Dear Coco.
  • 2Dear Danny.
  • 3To my ten-year-old self Caroline.
  • 4Things are a little rough for you right now.
  • 5I know it's lonely where you are, but don't worry.
  • 6In ten years, you're gonna be even more awesome.
  • 7You're gonna travel the world and meet a lot of really cool people.
  • 8Every year you are alive will be better than the one that came before.
  • 9Remember that it's always going to turn out alright.
  • 10You're going to be proud of who you are one day.
  • 11Very proud, I promise. Love, Sam.
  • 12Love, Linda.
  • 13Love, Old You