Book vs. Laptop

A book-loving ape and a tech-savvy donkey exchange words about the difference between a book and a computer.
  • 1What do you have there?
  • 2It's a book.
  • 3Do you scroll down?
  • 4Nope. You turn the page. It's a book.
  • 5Can you blog with it?
  • 6No. It's a book.
  • 7Well, can it tweet?
  • 8No.
  • 9Can it text? Can it wi-fi? Does it need a password?
  • 10No.
  • 11Can it do this?
  • 12No. It's a book.
  • 13Are you going to give it back?
  • 14No, but I'll charge it up when I'm done.
  • 15You don't have to.
  • 16It's a book!
  • 17By Lane Smith