Aesop's Fable: The Father, His Sons, and the Sticks

A father teaches his quarreling sons the value of working together.
  • 1The Father, His Sons, and the Sticks.
  • 2A father had three sons who were always arguing among themselves.
  • 3Nothing he said would stop them,...
  • 4...and so one day, he decided to show them something that would make them think.
  • 5"Go into the forest," he said, "and bring me back some sticks."
  • 6The sons did as he asked and soon came back with some sticks.
  • 7He took the sticks from them and tied them together.
  • 8"Try to break these sticks in two," he said.
  • 9Each of the sons tried to break the sticks in two, but they could not.
  • 10"Now try to break the sticks one at a time." he told them.
  • 11The sons each took a stick out of the bundle and broke it easily.
  • 12"If you all work together and do not quarrel," the father said,...
  • 13..."You will be strong. If each of you go your own way, you will be weak.