A Changed Man

Looking at his life made Scrooge promise to be a better man. (Part 4)
  • 1The ghost didn't say anything, but nodded his head.
  • 2No, please, sir. I'm a different person now.
  • 3I've changed. I will honor Christmas now.
  • 4Everyday of the year I will be filled with the Christmas spirit.
  • 5Scrooge burst into tears.
  • 6How can I erase my name from the tombstone?
  • 7Overcome with emotion, Scrooge fainted.
  • 8He awoke in his own bed again.
  • 9It was sunny outside.
  • 10He jumped out of bed full of joy because he was alive.
  • 11I don't have to be miserable and sad anymore.
  • 12Life is so wonderful.
  • 13Scrooge got dressed quickly and went outside.
  • 14Everyone was smiling and happy because it was Christmas Day.
  • 15Scrooge also smiled at everyone he met.
  • 16People recognized him and were surprised.
  • 17Scrooge kept smiling.
  • 18He was happy to be alive.
  • 19He remembered his nephew's invitation and walked to his house.
  • 20He knocked on his nephew's door.
  • 21Uncle Scrooge! I never expected to see you.
  • 22Merry Christmas, nephew. Thank you for your patience.
  • 23Of course, you are my family. Come in for dinner.
  • 24Thank you. Could you please give these gifts to your wife and tell her I'm sorry for the way I've treated her?
  • 25Sure, uncle.
  • 26From that day, Scrooge became a different man.
  • 27He became less concerned with money and cared more about people.
  • 28He gave his assistant Bob a raise in salary and helped tiny Tim to get healthy