The Ghost of Christmas Future

The man woke up seeing a tall figure dressed in black who brought him right in front of his tombstone. (Part 3)
  • 1They started eating dinner together.
  • 2Tell your mother and sisters what you said today after church, Tim.
  • 3I said I hoped people could see that I was sick, so they would be glad they are healthy.
  • 4Everyone smiled.
  • 5Will Tim be okay?
  • 6If he doesn't get some help, he won't see next Christmas.
  • 7Scrooge looked down at the ground sadly.
  • 8When he looked up, they were somewhere else.
  • 9This is my nephew's house.
  • 10Inside, he saw his nephew and his wife.
  • 11I can't understand how you could invite him.
  • 12I hate him so much.
  • 13I know, but Uncle Scrooge is alone.
  • 14I feel sorry for him.
  • 15Suddenly, the ghost disappeared and everything around Scrooge went dark.
  • 16Scrooge woke up in his room again.
  • 17As he opened his eyes, he saw a tall figure all dressed in black.
  • 18You must be the Ghost of Christmas Future.
  • 19The ghost didn't respond.
  • 20He just lifted his hand and pointed to a picture.
  • 21Scrooge looked at where the ghost was pointing.
  • 22Some people were talking together.
  • 23Are you sure he's dead?
  • 24Yes, but I don't think he'll be missed.
  • 25I'm sure nobody will attend his funeral.
  • 26Who are they talking about?
  • 27Scrooge asked the ghost.
  • 28The ghost didn't respond at all.
  • 29Suddenly, they were in a cemetery.
  • 30There was a tombstone right in front of Scrooge which read 'Ebenezer Scrooge'.
  • 31Oh, my gosh! Was I the dead man